Akya Digital Signal Processing:

Ground breaking digital signal processing technology which redefines low cost, low power logic


ART is a technology for building digital signal processing systems. Though based on an underlying dynamically reconfigurable logic technology, ART appears to the user like a conventional DSP, programmable in C or assembler.

ART-based systems delivered as IP, allowing anything from an entire ASIC to a part of an SoC or ASSP to benefit from the flexibility and reconfigurability enabled by ART.

ART brings major advantages to a chip manufacturer:

  • Shorter design times than RTL
    • New designs in around half the time of RTL
    • Modifications to existing designs in a tiny fraction of the time
  • Flexible designs which allow modifications without new silicon
    • Support multiple design variants with a single silicon design
    • Adapt devices to support new or evolving standards
    • Fix bugs after tape-out, or in the field

Unlike many of its competitors, ART achieves these advantages without imposing a significant overhead in terms of power or area. Designed from the outset with cost, size and power sensitive applications in mind, ART is made for replacing custom-designed hardware where every gate and clock cycle counts. These principles are at the centre of the design philosophy of ART.

Although ART itself is capable of completely general-purpose use, an ART-based device is targeted to a specific application area. This allows ART to avoid many of the overheads associated with other general-purpose technologies.